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After playing way too much Microsoft Train Simulator, my interest in trains grew, so I thought I would go out and see exactly what Perths rail network consists of.

Whats New

6th October 2002:
A few photos from the Boyanup Transport Museum: BM002, some ADx railcars, TA1807, F40, Y1116, E1020 and an RA highside truck.

15th September 2002:
another big update tonight with 70 new pics... Hotham Valley Northam Show train, Transperth EMU's at Fremantle, WAGR Prospector at Northam, NR AN11 on 1PM5, NR17/20 on 1SP5, NR42/114 on 7PA5, AWR Q308 on 7058 grain, L266 on 1171 freight, Q302 on 7430 freight, Q303 on 1029 freight, AB1534/1536/DB1586/1591 in Forrestfield yard, AWR and NR wagons aplenty... I will try and add some larger hi-res pics in the next few days.

10th September 2002:
Another 60-odd images tonight... WAGR Prospector, AWR DA1571, DA1572, L263, P2012, S2101, S2106; NR 8118, AN8, NR18/21/22/23/37/105/115; Preserved S542, plus lots of wagons and rollingstock in the AWR wagons, NR wagons and Indian Pacific carriages. I will be adding some more hi-res pics soon in the photo gallery.

31st August 2002:
Starting to add some hi-res photos to these pages. Only a handful so far and I am using an icon to distinguish them. I have also added a photo page with them on.

30th August 2002:
chased the Hotham Valley train from Dowerin to Midland today. Also snapped some other loco's today : NR4/52/120, AWR L256/L263, the Prospector and some new wagons.

27th August 2002:
a few minutes at Kewdale on Sunday landed 4 new NR loco's (51/45/50/75) and an AN class (2).

24th August 2002:
new pics... Wizards Express from last Sunday; NR: NR17, 32, 39; AWR: DB1590, L262, L266, Q303, S2104, S2108, S2109, lots of wagons and tankers.

5th August 2002:
new pics... NR:24, 32, 39, 55, 58, 78, 106; AWR: L260, L263, Q304, Q319, S2108, wagons; Transperth. Also a few pages of photos from the Hotham Valley Avon Descent trip - 2 loco's and 21 coaches.

28th July 2002:
a few pics from this weekend... NR: AN7, AN8, NR18, NR22, NR98; SSR: K206; AWR: L260, L267, Q304, wagons.

23rd July 2002:
Lots of action near Kwinana on Sunday. See Wizards Express, lots of wagons, S2108, more S2108, S2109, S2111, more S2111, AB1531, P2010 and P2015.

07th July 2002:
Hotham Valley Railway ran Pm706 + C1703 from Perth to Goomalling today to celebrate the Cententary of the railway in Goomalling. See the link under Hotham Valley for all the pics.

04th July 2002:
Was in Sydney a couple of weeks ago and spent a day in the Hunter Valley and a few hours near Marrickville taking some photos. See the Freightcorp and Sydney links at the bottom of the menu, and also NR1/30/36/98/103 on the NR class page. If anyone could send any corrections or further info for the Cityrail sets I would be most appreciated.

16th June 2002:
New photos: Prospector, NR54 Indian Pacific and NR27/119 on 6PS6 through Northam on Friday. Saturday... CRT CargoSprinter in Fremantle, S2103/S2108 at Wellard and Q316 at Kwinana.

11th June 2002:
Another big update tonight - 70 pics. New page for the Hotham Valleys Wizards Express which ran for the first time last weekend (see link on left menu). Thanks to all those that have sent email filling in all the bits and pieces... I welcome your feedback or any additions/corrections. I have also moved all my photos to a different host in the last few days, so hopefully nothing is broken.

20th May 2002:
Out of space! Seems I've hit the 50mb Tripod limit. If anyone can recommend some good hosting please contact me asap. I have a few weeks worth of pics to put online (Hotham Valley Steam, Bennett Brook Railway, and usual workings from Kewdale/Midland/Kwinana)

6th May 2002:
70 pics from Geraldton trip online... see the Railmap, P2013, AWR T class, DA1572 and Preserved F class

22nd April 2002:
Another 80 pics added, another 30 or so still on my hard drive (went on a trip to Geraldton last weekend).

24th March 2002:
big update tonight (91 pics) from last few weeks spotting... too numerous to mention them all here. I'm also working on splitting up some of the larger pages.

Help Please...

  • is B1608 at Military Markets? (pic here)


The images on this site have been taken with my Olympus C960 digital camera. I have chosen not to use thumbnails, but display a scaled down full image (533x400 pixels) on each page. I can supply full size images on request (1260x980x24b). Please feel free to use any images for your own collections, but please drop me a note if you intend to display them anywhere.

Local Links and Information Sources
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Ausloco mailing list (may need Yahoo ID)
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Australian Railway Historical Society WA
Bassendean Railway Museum
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